The bigger, the better, right?

Why, in Australia, do we have so many 'big' things? From back home, everyone knows of the 'Big Marino' in Goulburn. If you're 8, you may have even marvelled at his impressive ball sack. Others may have visited the lesser known 'Big Potato', in Robertson. Does it really look like a potato though? While we're travelling, we'll hopefully revel in the splendour of a few of these outstanding creations. I will be able to add to this post as we go. If you know of any 'big' attractions, that simply can't be ignored, then please, let us know!

On this particular trip, we needed to travel exactly Half Way Across Australia before we saw our first official 'big' thing - the 'Big Galah', in Kimba, SA. A small town, with some silo art, a railway line and a large, pink, paper mache - like bird. The roadhouse where this crazy galah stands, is a great spot to fill up with fuel, grab some lunch and take a selfie, of course.

The town of Ceduna offers an over-sized oyster. I wouldn't call it 'big'. It certainly doesn't compare to the one in Taree, NSW. But you need to know about it, because it is at an amazing, little restaurant, called The Oyster Barn. I didn't get a picture of the large-ish oyster, as we were too busy eating the delicious food from the shop! It was so good, we had to go back a second night :) It's a strange demountable type building, with tables and chairs on the roof, so you can sit up and enjoy the scenery of the salt plain on one side, and the ocean on the other.

Across the Nullarbor, the Border Town Roadhouse is also home to a very Aussie, giant kangaroo. Complete with her own jar of Vegemite, and pouch to house weary travellers, while they pose for a photo, it makes a great change to the vast and rugged landscape of the surrounding areas.

Whilst it's not technically a 'big' thing, I feel I need to make special mention of the Parndana Jetty, on Kangaroo Island, simply for the sheer sense of humour it proclaims. Situated right in the heart of the island, Parndana Jetty couldn't be further from the KI coastline if it tried. I'm not sure that the fishing will be any good from here, but you can catch a great "parmie" from the pub for lunch.